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Hello. These are things that really bother me:

1) People who call anime cartoons. I repeat: ANIME ISN'T A CARTOON! ಠ_ಠ

2) When male anime characters become pregnant with other male anime character's babies. No offence if you like it, but this concept just makes zero sense to me.

3) When republicans try and force their beliefs onto me. I'm not against republicans, believe me more than half of my friends are, but I AM A DEMOCRAT. You won't change my mind, I swear.

4) When republicans call Democrats babykillers. Okay, I get that democrats are usually pro-abortion, but not all democrats believe in it. Such as myself. I think it's wrong. But I'd rather be apart of a political group in which I believe in 90% of what their doing rather than be in a political group in which I believe in 10% of what their doing. The end.

5) When my parents tell me two things that contradict each other. Then I get in trouble for it. Get your facts straight, m'kay?

6) When I read an epic fanfic and forgot to add it to my favorites. That really sucks, because I have a terrible memory and I guarantee you I won't remember the title or author.

7) When my drawings don't have straight lines. I just have issues with symmetry. I always have. My dad and I both have always been grossed out by the idea of things not being symmetrical, which is why we both relate so much to Death The Kid. Yes, my dad likes Soul Eater as well. It's kind of awesome. But, we're definitely not as bad as kid, not even close. Thank God for that.

8) When you start dating your best guy friend and when you break up he starts ignoring you. I'm not gonna try and jump you, so just be my friend again! Jeez. There was a reason we became friends in the first place, so why not just go back to how it used to be?

9) When people judge other people based on appearances. No. Just don't do it. You'll be surprised how many awesome people you meet. I admit, I used to be one of those people who judged before actually conversing, and I know a lot of people hated me for that, but once I opened my horizon and just started talking to random people I realized that appearances don't matter. It's what's inside that counts. Gosh that's cheesy.

10) When people thing I'm stuck up. I'm not, I'm just reeeeallllyyy shy when I first meet some people. So if I don't make eye contact with you or I don't give you any negligible answers, that is just my shyness getting the better of me. I'm fighting it everyday. heh.



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I can't wait to get my pen and tablet. I'm gonna die when I do. But then I'll resurrect and draw things. :)

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